30 Years Ago Today

22 February 1984 was the last morning I ever woke up as a civilian. By the end of that day, I was legally a US Army Soldier, albeit one entirely lacking in the training required to refine my civilian ore into Soldier metal. I still take pride in the fact that, since I entered service at the lofty pay grade of E2 (due to college credits), I was appointed by the St. Louis MEPS cadre to be in charge of my fellow recruits as we rode a bus from the St. Louis MEPS to Fort Leonard Wood.

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A Riddle for Today

Q: How is a quarterback who trips himself while dropping back in the pocket like the suspect in this shooting?

A: In both cases, a self-inflicted “sack” is involved.

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Another Roll on the Random Thought Table

So, during lunch today, I began to wonder:

If the folks who make Lunchables added a product line that included probiotic supplements, would they call that product line “Lunchabacillus”?

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On the Subject of PajamaBoy

Over at Larry Correia’s blog, Larry mentioned in passing that some collectivist had called him a “cismale gendernormative fascist,” which translates as follows:

“Cismale means a male that was born male and self identifies a (sic) male, as in most normal guys. And gendernormative means that you believe in the traditional genders of men and women as opposed to all the weird bullshit they’ve made up lately.”

As anyone who has studied chemistry can readily deduce, the term “cismale” is derived from cis-trans isomerism, as the opposite of “trans”-[fill-in-the-blank-gender-identity-not-related-to-whatever-sex-someone-is-born].

(Of course, to the collectivists, “fascist” simply means “you disagree with me, so you clearly believe in killing those who disagree with you, which is why I believe that you should be killed for disagreeing with me. Because I’m not a fascist like you.”)

Having read that, I couldn’t help but think that, if Cisco Kid drinks whiskey, then Transco Kid drinks hot chocolate, while wearing child-style pajamas and talking about the glories of Obamacare….

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Color Me Unsurprised

Earlier today, Prof Reynolds linked to a Politico post with the title “Daniel Werfel slammed for ‘incomplete’ report.” As someone who resided within the New Orleans Saints market area in the late 1990s, I would expect that a bureaucrat with a name that closely matches that a certain unlamented Saints quarterback would produce an effort that can accurately be described as “incomplete.”

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Sunday, Gunnie Fun Day

I went shooting today with a couple of my coworkers. While my shoulder’s still sore (some seven hours later) from firing two rounds from a 10-gauge shotgun, it’s a good kind of sore. We fired my new .500 S&W Magnum NEF Handi-Rifle, which surprised us all with a light recoil. As usual, Belladonna was the belle of the ball, as several folks danced with her for their first time. Meanwhile, I had a chance to test-fire HTP’s 124-grain 9mm JHP ammo from both Belladonna and my Ruger SR9c, both of which had no problems with this ammo.

To sum up, it was a Sunday morning well spent.

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A Quote for Today

From TRADOC Pamphlet 525-8-2, The U.S. Army Learning Concept for 2015:

“Given the assumption that existing U.S. education models will continue to degrade, and physical and values preparation will continue to decline, IMT [Initial Military Training] must overcome negative learning models and a lack of physical and emotional preparation that should be found in the pre-entry civilian environment.”

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