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A Musical Roll on the Random Thoughts Table

Consider two of the iconic rock groups of the 1960s “British Invasion“: The Beatles and The Who. For the purposes of this thought experiment, let it be stipulated that all members of both groups contributed vocals, to some extent, to … Continue reading

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My Tentative Epitaph

I have no reason to expect this tentative epitaph to be needed any time soon. However, having thought of it, I thought it wise to record it before it escaped me: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” – … Continue reading

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30 Years Ago Today

22 February 1984 was the last morning I ever woke up as a civilian. By the end of that day, I was legally a US Army Soldier, albeit one entirely lacking in the training required to refine my civilian ore … Continue reading

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A Quote (from memory) for Today

This quote for today is pretty much word-for-word. However, since I’m quoting, by memory, from an article I read in an issue of analog SCIENCE FICTION/SCIENCE FACT sometime around 1976*, I can’t vouch for complete accuracy. The principle remains intact, … Continue reading

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Random Thought for Today

In the song “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” try replacing the line “They look just like two gurus in drag” with “She looks just like Cthulhu in drag.” It makes even more sense after the replacement, doesn’t it?

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Thanks, Craigslist, for the Post Fodder!

I’ve been thinking about buying a used RV for cash. That way, even if my current job is downsized, I’ll own my residence (even if I won’t necessarily own the place where it rests at night). One logical place for … Continue reading

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What It’s Like Inside My Head

Earlier today, I went to the 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair in Tucson. While browsing for gifts, I saw a vendor selling “collapsible chopsticks.” Each chopstick in the pair is made of two pieces; the thinner end of each had … Continue reading

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How Original

Turns out that AFSCME President Lee Saunders had a totally original idea of using an empty chair as a prop in a political speech! Truly brilliant! In fact, Mr. Saunders used an empty chair to mock a private citizen’s earlier … Continue reading

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At Work Today

While waiting for a meeting to begin, I overheard some co-workers discussing variants of the P90X workout system. I couldn’t resist mentioning that P-38 was an excellent wrist workout system. FWIW, my original P-38, from a C-rations box (or, more … Continue reading

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