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A Riddle for Today

Q: How is a quarterback who trips himself while dropping back in the pocket like the suspect in this shooting? A: In both cases, a self-inflicted “sack” is involved.

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Sunday, Gunnie Fun Day

I went shooting today with a couple of my coworkers. While my shoulder’s still sore (some seven hours later) from firing two rounds from a 10-gauge shotgun, it’s a good kind of sore. We fired my new .500 S&W Magnum … Continue reading

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A Quote (from memory) for Today

This quote for today is pretty much word-for-word. However, since I’m quoting, by memory, from an article I read in an issue of analog SCIENCE FICTION/SCIENCE FACT sometime around 1976*, I can’t vouch for complete accuracy. The principle remains intact, … Continue reading

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22 April in History

As an historically-significant date, 22 April is framed by two events: Vladimir Lenin’s birth in 1870, and the first Federally-recognized Earth Day in 1970 (the date was chosen by Senator Gaylord Nelson [D-Wisconsin], who claimed not to know about the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, John Moses Browning!

158 years ago today, John Moses Browning, the firearms designer who essentially introduced the modern era of firearms design, was born. You may remember him from such hits as the M1911, the BAR and (my personal favorite) Ma Deuce. Thanks … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Firearm Magazine Capacity

I have a question for those who believe that I, as a free citizen, do not “need” firearm magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds: Who, other than a criminal, is more likely to have armed backup readily … Continue reading

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Dick’s Sporting Goods and Pro-Liberty Fundraising

I have a Dick’s Sporting Goods reward card.  After Dick’s proved themselves to be lower-case dicks about already-paid-for AR rifles, I planned to tape my Dick’s reward card on a target stand at the recent Southern/Central Arizona Blogshoot. The bad … Continue reading

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