A Quote (from memory) for Today

This quote for today is pretty much word-for-word. However, since I’m quoting, by memory, from an article I read in an issue of analog SCIENCE FICTION/SCIENCE FACT sometime around 1976*, I can’t vouch for complete accuracy. The principle remains intact, so here’s my Quote for Today:

“Terrorists who only succeed in blowing themselves up are not terrifying, but merely amusing.”

* I’m pretty certain that I read the article during either my 7th-grade or 8th-grade years, so I split the difference. The article in question discussed some problems that terrorists would need to overcome in any attempt to build a working fission device. IIRC, it took as a baseline assumption that said terrorists had access to all required materials for such a device, up to and including weapons-grade fissile materials in critical-mass quantities. The design concept from the article, though not transportable, did have a certain elegance….

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1 Response to A Quote (from memory) for Today

  1. Mark says:

    If they were only blowing themselves up with no innocents being harmed, I’d even want the government to supply them with the Fissile material. Heck I’d even pass the donation jar around to help pay for it. I used to think that terrorists were pond scum, until I realized that I was being unfair to Cubs fans.

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