22 April in History

As an historically-significant date, 22 April is framed by two events: Vladimir Lenin’s birth in 1870, and the first Federally-recognized Earth Day in 1970 (the date was chosen by Senator Gaylord Nelson [D-Wisconsin], who claimed not to know about the Lenin connection) .

There is, between these two socialist holidays, another significant 22 April anniversary, one that went rather badly for the socialists.

On 22 April 1951, the Communist Chinese forces (CCF) in Korea launched the Chinese Fifth Phase Campaign, with the intent of destroying the 1st and 6th ROK Divisions, the 3d US Infantry Division, the Turkish Brigade and the 27th and 29th British Brigades. In order to clear the way to retaking Seoul, the CCF needed to wipe out these units.

The CCF hadn’t reckoned with the Glosters.

From the evening of 22 April 1951 until the morning of 25 April 1951, at ruinous cost, the Glosters held Hill 235. In so doing, they disrupted the CCF offensive to such a degree that UN forces were able to block any CCF advance on Seoul.

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