Thanks, Craigslist, for the Post Fodder!

I’ve been thinking about buying a used RV for cash. That way, even if my current job is downsized, I’ll own my residence (even if I won’t necessarily own the place where it rests at night). One logical place for me to look for a used RV for sale is my local RV page.

While I would prefer to buy an affordable motor home (for its mobility), I’m also quite willing to look at affordable trailers. Imagine, though, how my brain begged for bleach to scrub the following post forever from my memory:

i am saling this trailer cuz i am trying to go to school [emphasis added] i am saling it because i don’t need it anymore and if u have any questions please feel free to call me at 702 717 5535 and we have the title to it and it has a new fridge and microwave and new blinds and we currently got the unit in Eloy AZ but we can make an appointment to show you the trailer and tell you more about it and we are asking 1200 our best offer and it has a working hot water heater and two propane tanks if i don’t answer please leave a voice mail and ill get back to you as soon as i can thanks for your interest or you can make me an offer i dont take checks or cashiers check thanks [punctuated exactly as originally posted]

Dear DEITY$, what post-elementary school would even consider accepting someone who displays this level of command of English writing?

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4 Responses to Thanks, Craigslist, for the Post Fodder!

  1. Mark says:

    Shows what happens when you take Readin, ritin an rithmatic outta de skools

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