Dick’s Sporting Goods and Pro-Liberty Fundraising

I have a Dick’s Sporting Goods reward card.  After Dick’s proved themselves to be lower-case dicks about already-paid-for AR rifles, I planned to tape my Dick’s reward card on a target stand at the recent Southern/Central Arizona Blogshoot.

The bad news is that I forgot to do so before I left that fun event. >:-(

The good news is that, at some future date, we can hold a raffle for chances to shoot at the card.  All proceeds would be equally divided between the Arizona Citizens Defense League and the Second Amendment Foundation.  The card in question is just about the same size as an Arizona driver’s license, so we could probably award around ten raffle winners.  As an alternative, we could hold an auction for each of ten shots at the card, with proceeds to be distributed as noted above.

Any other thoughts on how best to use my now-useless Dick’s reward card as a fundraiser for 2A proponent groups?

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