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Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP Pick

The best thing about Romney selecting Congresscritter Paul Ryan as his running mate has been summed up by this Iowahawk Twitter post (it’s a Twitter post, so minor grammar errors are tolerable): “Paul Ryan represent Obama’s most horrifying nightmare: math.” … Continue reading

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David Nilsen Called It

Back in 1992-1993, Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW) decided to update both the mechanics and the canonical Third Imperium setting for their science-fiction roleplaying game Traveller. They based the game mechanics for this new edition (Traveller: The New Era [TNE]) on … Continue reading

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At Work Today

While waiting for a meeting to begin, I overheard some co-workers discussing variants of the P90X workout system. I couldn’t resist mentioning that P-38 was an excellent wrist workout system. FWIW, my original P-38, from a C-rations box (or, more … Continue reading

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