She’s Alive! ALIVE!

At 0118 hours local time this morning (04 July 2012), Ophelia, my 300 AAC Blackout AR-15, was officially assembled, when I mated her upper and lower receivers and pushed her takedown pins into position. While she still needs some test-firing and tuneup, Ophelia is my rifle. There are not many like her, but she is mine…. 😉

Gun-grabbers should ph34r her with gr8 ph34r! 30-round magazines, flash suppressor, pistol grip and collapsible stock: Ophelia has them all. It’s a pity that I couldn’t include a bayonet lug, but Ophelia’s Troy 11″ BattleRail Bravo free-floating quad-rail and Troy folding M4 front sight left no room for a bayonet lug.

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2 Responses to She’s Alive! ALIVE!

  1. Lizzie says:

    I bet she’s purdy 🙂

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