Color Me Confused…

So, we have a bunch of “anarchists” (as ABC News called them) who plotted to blow up a bridge in Cleveland. As Jim Treacher points out in the post to which I linked, though all five conspirators were linked to the “Occupy [place]” movement, the ABC News story to which he links somehow manages to omit that fact. Curious, that…

Anyway, what confuses me is that the ABC News story* also states that at least two of the conspirators discussed attacking, among other targets, the RNC convention in Tampa, Florida.

Maybe I’m so old-school that I rode a school bus with Gothic-arch windows, but I would think that true anarchists would rate the national convention of The Party of Big Government as a lesser target than the national convention of The Party of Fornicating Ginormous Government.

The only possible explanation I can imagine is that these soi-disant “anarchists” are, in fact, totalitarians who want to increase government power.

Hmmm. “Anarchists for Increased Federal Government Power.” Sounds oxymoronically (and moronically) delicious! That is, of course, for certain values of “delicious” (i.e., nausea-inducing)….

*I did check the ABC News story to which Jim linked, just to make sure that there was no reference to any planned attacks on the DNC convention. If you want to read the ABC News story, go through my above-posted link to the Daily Caller. I see no compelling reason to give ABC News even more page hits, when not strictly necessary.

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