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Memorial Day 2012

One of the many duties I performed during my 25 years as a Soldier was serving, on two occasions, as NCOIC of what is now called a “core-elements” funeral detail. Any veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States … Continue reading

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Another Day…

…another grand slam by Bill Whittle: Only a pundit with Bill’s aeronautical background could even conceive of linking the crash of Air France Flight 447, an Airbus A330, with the impending crash of the euro. In both cases, contradictory control … Continue reading

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Thank You, Jonah Goldberg

This video of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” made of clips from Star Trek, comes to you courtesy of The Goldberg File:

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Fun Gun Question

Once again, The Pants-Free Floridian has started an entertaining gun meme: “What is the most fun firearm you own and why?” Right now, it’s a neck-and-neck competition between my 9mm Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine and my 300 AAC Blackout AR-15 … Continue reading

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Quote for Today

Over at NRO, Victor Davis Hanson had this to say about the European meltdown: History is quietly whispering to us in our age of amnesia: “I would not keep poking the Germans unless you are able to deal with them … Continue reading

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So, if 3/14 is “Pi Day,” would today (5/15) be “Quadrophenia Day“?

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Yet More Confusion

Not on my part, though. Someone from India came to my blog by using the following search: how to create facebook accounts using spamsalad Like 1984 and Atlas Shrugged, my “Spam Salad” post is a cautionary tale, not a how-to … Continue reading

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Color Me Confused…

So, we have a bunch of “anarchists” (as ABC News called them) who plotted to blow up a bridge in Cleveland. As Jim Treacher points out in the post to which I linked, though all five conspirators were linked to … Continue reading

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If You’re Reading This…

Congratulations! You survived the “immanentization of the Eschaton,” which (as we all know) happened on Walpurgisnacht. (Fnord). Oh, and for those of you who didn’t expect the Eschaton to be immanentized:

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