Buy-a-Gun Day Range Report: Ruger LC9

My National Buy-a-Gun Day purchase (which, truth be told, I bought last week) was a Ruger LC9. In the spirit of National Buy-a-Gun Day, I waited until 15 April to try Cheryl out.

Today’s test runs were not intended to test Cheryl’s accuracy; I just wanted to get a feel for the girl and make sure that she could handle my on-hand defensive ammo brands (124-grain Speer Gold Dot and 124-grain Federal HST). I started with three magazines of American Eagle 124-grain FMJ, then two magazines of Speer Gold Dot, then one magazine of Federal HST. Cheryl handled all of these without a hiccup.

ETA: Appropriate categories. I’ll post a detailed review later, once I send more rounds downrange.

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