Spam Salad

Not to be confused with SPAM® salad, this message, supposedly a response to “Eliminate Deadly Arms NOW!,” was flagged by Akismet (links removed):

Agreed, inspect it twice and I agree with you on five points. Also as for your audio problem, considering what you just said, I have absolutely no horror creation experience at all, you also had to fit this into a large span of time, as in a short time you can’t scare some person, because tension must build up first. however letting tension build up, also gives community a chance to size up the situation however letting tension build up

Can someone enlighten me as to the point of word-salad spam messages?

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3 Responses to Spam Salad

  1. Drang says:

    Probing the perimeter.

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  3. AuricTech says:

    Another spam comment Akismet blocked included this sentence:

    “Taking a look ahead to see you.”

    Machine translations still have a ways to go….

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