On the Deification of Victims

Linoge, over at The Walls of the City, has an excellent post about the Martin/Zimmerman affair. One point he makes ties in nicely with my “Folk Marxism” and Anti-Gun Sentiment post. Here’s what Linoge had to say:

On the other side, though, we have a non-zero part of the population that, even today, needs to be discriminated against because they need to be victims. In our current society, being a victim – even in your own mind (*cough*JoanPeterson*cough*) – grants one special abilities and privileges, not the least of which is the moral high ground, and a rather disturbing number of folks know they would never gain those particular abilities by any other means than through self-exploitation.

Several items in this paragraph echo thoughts from my Folk Marxism post:

* Victims, especially those from DVG (“Designated Victim Groups,” for those who don’t want to click the link), are inherently virtuous
* Lawfully-armed DVG members automatically cease to be victims, and become evil oppressors
* Members of the oppressor class (such as Joan Peterson, although her sex does permit her membership in a fairly low-ranking DVG) can gain virtue by finding some way to self-identify with the oppressed class

FWIW, I have not deciphered a rational algorithm used by the collectivists to determine the hierarchy between DVG (mainly because I rather suspect that the sorting algorithm is something along the lines of “in this particular situation, which DVG will most help The Cause of collectivism?”).

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