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Recent News Topics Mashup

Two topics, one video:

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Deadly (Pitching) Arms Update #1

Jamie Moyer (the subject of this post), is officially the oldest pitcher to win a major-league baseball game. Note that the previous record-holder (Jack Quinn, of the Brooklyn Dodgers) won his game in 1932, and only pitched two innings. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Buy-a-Gun Day Range Report: Ruger LC9

My National Buy-a-Gun Day purchase (which, truth be told, I bought last week) was a Ruger LC9. In the spirit of National Buy-a-Gun Day, I waited until 15 April to try Cheryl out. Today’s test runs were not intended to … Continue reading

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Spam Salad

Not to be confused with SPAMĀ® salad, this message, supposedly a response to “Eliminate Deadly Arms NOW!,” was flagged by Akismet (links removed): Agreed, inspect it twice and I agree with you on five points. Also as for your audio … Continue reading

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On the Deification of Victims

Linoge, over at The Walls of the City, has an excellent post about the Martin/Zimmerman affair. One point he makes ties in nicely with my “Folk Marxism” and Anti-Gun Sentiment post. Here’s what Linoge had to say: On the other … Continue reading

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