Five Guns Meme

As inspired by The Pantless Floridian, here’s my list of the five guns I’d like to own, money/practicality no object† (listed in no particular order):

* A very specific M16A1: Stock number 86, assigned to D Company, 4th Battalion, 3d Basic Training Brigade, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, early 1984 (manufactured, IIRC, by Hydra-Matic). As you may have guessed, this was my assigned rifle in Basic. 86 was obviously manufactured prior to 1986, so no Hughes Amendment issues! 😀

* AAC Honey Badger. It’s a suppressed SBR chambered in 300BLK, with a handguard that covers the suppressor. What’s not to like? “It’s pretty bad-ass!”

* Calico Liberty-series 9mm carbine with 100-round helical magazine. I’d rather have the .40 S&W version they promised for “late 2010,” but I’m not holding my breath. My main reason for wanting a Calico carbine is simple: if 11-round magazines give gun-grabbers the vapors, imagine the PSH that 100-round magazines can inspire!

* New England SB2-500 Handi-Rifle 500 S&W. Actually, this is my planned firearm purchase for 15 April 2012. After all, what’s not to love about a $300 .50-caliber rifle? Sure, it’s not .50 BMG, but it’s still a complete .50-caliber rifle at less than half the price of a .50 Beowulf upper receiver.

* Since a list like this should include at least one firearm that cranks things up to eleven, I’ll add the PTRS-41 to my list.

So, there you have it. My list has one specific example of a fairly ordinary rifle, one prototype PDW, two unusual but available firearms, and one WW2-era Soviet jackhammer. Viewed another way, my list has two automatic weapons, one firearm with a magazine capacity that is ten times greater than what the gun-grabbers would foist on us as the maximum capacity allowed for mere citizens, and two firearms of at least .50 caliber. I think it’s a pretty good list for inspiring PSH in all the deserving folks who oppose a free citizenry. While it’s not as exotic a list as some, it’s mine; I fondly wish that, in the fullness of time, all the firearms on it will also be mine….

†I know I’m late to the party, but I figured this would be as good a post as any to get back into blogging….

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