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14 Million Members? Show Me!

When members of any anti-gun group can show me a membership card for their organization that gets them discounts at motels and rental car agencies nationwide, along with other discounts on goods and services from countless other national, regional and … Continue reading

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My Starbucks Buycott

I just got home from the Fort Huachuca Starbucks. Obviously, I couldn’t carry, what with Fort Huachuca being a Federal military installation and all. I did the next-best thing: I took a picture of my hot chocolate and pumpkin bread, … Continue reading

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“Folk Marxism” and Anti-Gun Sentiment

Weer’d Beard’s recent post “The Marxists and Gun Control” finally nudged me into finishing a post I’ve had brewing in my head for nearly a year.  As I see it, at least one of the driving factors behind gun control … Continue reading

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Five Guns Meme

As inspired by The Pantless Floridian, here’s my list of the five guns I’d like to own, money/practicality no object† (listed in no particular order): * A very specific M16A1: Stock number 86, assigned to D Company, 4th Battalion, 3d … Continue reading

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