I’m Back

Robb Allen’s recent post about someone in Florida suggesting that Floridians ought to have “stricter training requirements” as a prerequisite for CCW roused me to begin blogging again.

I see no need for any training requirements for anyone lawfully to carry a firearm (and those who would carry a firearm with felonious intent are likely to skip the whole training-requirement thingie). That being said, it would not surprise me to hear of plaintiffs in a wrongful-death suit claiming that the now-departed was killed by some latter-day Rambo who didn’t care enough about the laws WRT self-defense to attend a class on the subject.

Bottom line: while being a free citizen is justification enough for carrying a firearm, having documentation of some sort of firearms training (especially training that focuses on the “shoot / don’t shoot” decision) might be useful in a civil case.

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